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Why do people camp in RVs?

By March 10, 2020February 1st, 2023Utah Vacation Planner

We didn’t have RV campers back in the 1800s. RV’ing is a newer way to experience the great outdoors. Why do we do it?

RV Camping is really not so different from regular camping, but it does bring the whole family together in a way that can’t be imitated.

Camping is a vacation for the whole family

At Access RV, our rental audience ages span from 25 years old all the way to over 65. There is no age group that is over-represented, everyone wants to camp!

There are hundreds of reasons why people want to camp! We prepared an infographic with information from the 2019 North American Camping Report with a few of our favorite pieces of info!


If you are curious, we recommend you take a look at the KOA report linked above, there are hundreds of wilderness-y data points to read!

Do you camp? Why did you start camping? Most people camp for the family and friend experiences, very few go camping alone!

Have you ever had the RV camping experience? Utah is the center point of a few of the most visited RV destinations in the world! Check out our trip planner, or give us a call we love to help!


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