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RV Rental Packing List

Prepare For Your Trip

RV renting is an incredible way to explore and vacation. Experiencing the outdoors with the amenities of home creates a memorable vacation you and your crew will talk about for years to come. Knowing what to bring and what to keep at home can be tricky, so we’ve created a list for everything you’ll need to have the trip of a lifetime. Print, share, or email this list and use it as a packing guide both while you’re putting together your things but also while packing the RV to ensure everything makes it with you on your trip!

Packing List


 Pot and pan
 Sealable bowls for leftovers
 Cups & plates
 Spoons, forks, and knives
 Paring and cutting knives
 Paper towels
 Dish soap
 Aluminum foil
 Cooking oil
 Trash bags
 Wooden spoon
 Can opener
 Salt & pepper (condiments)
 Sandwich bags
 Water bottles
 Coffee pot & cups
 Oven mitt
 Can koozies
 Corkscrew and bottle opener


 Tooth brush
 First aid kit
 Toilet paper
 Insect repellant
 Hand sanitizer/hand wipes

Clothes and Bedding

 Clothing for all weather
 Extra socks and clothing


 Portable battery chargers
 Duct tape
 All purpose cleaner
 Lysol wipes
 Hand broom and dustpan
 Lanterns and flashlights
 Lawn chairs
 Pocket knife
 Small tool kit
 Bungee cords
 Cell phone chargers
 Power strip

Bish’s RV Rentals provides rental kits and equipment to help make your trip a breeze including a bedding kit and kitchen kit. Take the worry out of packing and we’ll pack the essentials for you! Optional RV Equipment Services. Haven’t already booked that RV rental? Check out our rates and book your rental today!

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