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5 Things to Bring Camping with Dogs

By Camping Tips

Camping with your dog can sometimes be tricky, but we’ve compiled a list of 5 things to bring with you so that camping with man’s best friend can be a breeze. Here’s the list of items you should consider bringing before you go camping with your dog.

  1. First aid kit

If you’re taking your dog into the great outdoors with you, you’ll probably want to bring along a first aid kit in case they get hurt. Usually, dogs stay out of trouble, but sometimes they’re known to find it. If your doggo gets a scrape, scratch, wound, or open sore, you’ll be prepared to protect them from infection.

  1. Water bottles

Your dog will need to stay hydrated just like you do, especially if the weather is extremely hot or muggy. Experts say that dogs should drink about one ounce of water per pound that they weigh each day. Make sure you calculate the right amount of water for your family and your dog before your trip, especially if you are far from clean water sources. Along with water, you may want to consider bringing a packable water bowl for your dog, instead of their regular bowl, to save on space.

3. Leash

Even though many places are dog friendly, you’ll still want to bring your pet’s leash on your trip with you. Some campgrounds require dogs to be kept on leashes, and you never know when you’ll want to keep your dog in close quarters. Leashes will also help prevent your dog from running off and chasing wild animals.

4. Dog Food

Remember to pack enough dog food for your pup the exact amount of days you’ll be gone for. You might even want to pack a few extra treats if they’ll be hiking alongside you!

5. Dog Bed

Although some owners may consider this a luxury for a dog while camping, others may consider this a necessity for their pet. If you don’t want your dog inside the RV or tent with you, then make sure you bring a comfy pad for your pet that can get dirty.

Before you travel to your destination with your dog, make sure you research the rules about pets. Some locations will not allow dogs near certain water sources, and others don’t allow them at all. 

Remember, you can never be too prepared when bringing your dog on a camping trip. Dogs can be fun companions to have alongside you on your adventures, but if you aren’t prepared then your furry friend could ruin your trip. Make sure you’re prepared by bringing these 5 items and your next adventure will be smooth sailing with your pooch by your side!



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